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Power of Partnerships Summer

A collaboration between the E-Team, Dominican University, the Oak Park Public Library and District 97.

Last year, our POP Summer Program, a free program designed to engage students entering grades 2-8, brought together the resources of the community to reimagine learning and achievement. Results showed that 73% of our students grew a full year in reading in one month.  

What Is It?

For four weeks this summer, Oak Park elementary and middle-school students can enjoy a new and exciting type of summer school opportunity created to enhance their study and reading skills while preparing them for the academic year ahead. This program connects learning to inquiry, experimentation, and hands-on projects that focus on collaboration and relationship building while supporting basic skill development in literacy and math. Much of the work will explore themes of social justice and empowering all voices.


Learning experiences will provide a variety of small-group interactive opportunities that integrate content across the curriculum with particular emphasis on proven literacy practices that include reading, writing, math, technology, and inquiry/problem solving.  

Who Is It For?

The PoP Summer Program is specifically designed to support, motivate, and engage students who struggled in school this year. Typically, we look at students with MAP scores in the 0-25th percentile, but we rely on parents and teachers to recommend students for the program. When students sign up to participate, the POP team will work with their school’s staff to create a learning path for the summer that is connected back to the school they currently attend or will attend in the fall. 

How Will My Child Benefit?

• Students will discover the joy of reading and develop skills, confidence and a love of reading through stimulating daily activities. 

• Enrichment activities linked to learning will help students discover their passions and see the connection to education.

• They will practice language, writing, and math skills outlined in a personalized plan and program of instruction.

• They will return to school better prepared for the new year.

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